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Rocklands encompasses nature which has a way of adding beauty, a sense of calm, and creativity to the space. We wanted to create a place where people in the industry could come together and treat their clients in a beautiful environment that is in close proximity to town but far enough to enjoy the tranquillity of the nature around you. This allows our clients to be able to relax in the garden, in the little forest or next to the natural pool, to take in and digest the treatment or work session they just received. Rocklands also has paddocks in which you can experience our beautiful horses and Falabellas, which do their part in the healing, health and movement center.

At Rocklands we have a wide variety of excellent practitioners who are here throughout the week. Thus one can experience a range of different classes and treatments from Gyrotonics to personal training to psychology to drama classes. Please check out our Resident Practitioners to see what else they have to offer.



Rocklands is named after the piles of rocks that were found on the property when the main house was first built. It has gone through many transitions over the years; but when it burnt down in 2007 the owners rented it out occasionally and it got forgotten.

The Greenhouse


  • – Open plan space, 92 meters squared
  • – Smooth wooden sprung floors, high ceilings with glass facades
  • – Bathroom with a shower
  • – kitchenette with water point and handy pizza oven!
  • – Parking on property

The Greenhouse is the central, largest and most stunning building at Rocklands with views both towards the forest and the pool. It is an open plan space which allows for a diversity of workshops, courses, functions etc. to take place. Please see link of the Teacher training program with Jim Harrington https://youtu.be/Ic2e8uqef8Q

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What’s next at the Greenhouse?

Robbie Joseph
Gyrotonic &
Gyrokinesis trainer
Robbie Joseph Contact Number Robbie Joseph Email Address

Robbie was introduced to Gyrotonic method of movement in 2007 by a college while still working as a Pilates teacher and swimming instructor. “I was struggling with a few injuries at the time and I was impressed with how smooth and seamless the movements felt, allowing me to move around my injuries with a sense of ease that left my body feeling good after the session.” He started practicing soon after his first session and completed his certification and teacher training for both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodology of movement 2010. In 2011 he started the “the movement studio” offering the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodology of movement. Both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis are charicterised by smooth, flowing, rhythmical movement patterns that take the body through a wide range of functional movements. The movements help you to improve and develop important elements of movement such as co-ordination, timing, rhythm and flow while, at the same time, increasing your strength and flexibility and leaving you with a general sense of well-being. The Gyrokinesis method is practiced on chairs and on mats on the floor whilst the Gryrotonic method has you moving on customised equipment that helps facilitate and guide the mover through their movement routine. Both the Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic share the same movement principles. Both methods are very adaptable and can be tailored for the specific needs of the mover, making them well suited to a wide range of people regardless of age and fitness levels. In 2011 he started “the movement studio”at Rocklands in Constantia where he continues to teach both the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodologies of movement.

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Catherine Tuck
Shiatsu Massage
Catherine Tuck Email Address

Shiatsu is the art of balancing the body, through the use of massage, acupressure, and stretch. It benefits both body and mind, by creating deep relaxation, stimulating the function of the Meridian system, and helping the organs perform at their best. ​ Catherine studied Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine, with Floris de Clerq, at The Cape Town Academy of Shiatsu, in 2000, where she qualified first in her class. She then travelled to Ireland and the UK, where she practiced as she travelled. Since returning to Cape Town, she has built a loyal clientele, through personal referrals.In 2008, she returned to The Academy of Shiatsu, to study her teachers-training, and then continued to teach at the Academy, until 2011.

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Dr Michael Mc Loughlin
Acupuncturist, Thai Chi master
and Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Dr Michael Mc Loughlin Email Address

Acupuncture can be used to treat all manner of conditions, including arthritis, body pains, injuries, colds/flu, dizziness, allergies and much more. Cosmetic acupuncture is also offered, as a wonderful alternative to western anti-aging treatments. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages. It promotes many health benefits, including increased strength and flexibility, stress reduction, improved concentration and circulation etc. Classes are informal, friendly and supportive. Short Form, Long Form and Sword Form techniques are practised. A free introductory class is offered. Dr Michael Mc Loughlin, has been in private practice since 1996. He trained under the tutorship, of respected Dr Feng-Chao Lin. His knowledge and experience span the disciplines of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Martial Arts systems, Chi Kung and Buddhist Meditation.

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Neil Smith
Neil Smith Email Address

Neil Smith is a registered independent biokinetic practitioner whom has been working in the health, wellness and rehabilitative field since 1994. Neil has a B.A. Physical education degree from the Rand Afrikaans University ( 1989 ), a B.A Honours degree in Physical Education and Sport Science from the University of Pretoria ( 1990 ) and a BSc. Medical honours degree in Biokinetics from the University of Cape Town ( 1990 ). Neil completed his military training in 1991 with 7 Medical Battalion in Pretoria, including Paratrooper qualification. Neil has been registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa ( HPCSA registration number BK 2895 ) since 1996. Neil comes from a diverse sporting background, with notable success in all disciplines of Triathlon on a Provincial and National age group level ( 1994 -1998 ). Neil continues his education and growth through experience, research, learning and listening to his client base. He currently resides in Plumstead, Cape Town and has 2 daughters and 1 grandchild.

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Pieter van der Westuyzen
Iridologist &
Energetic Herbalist
Pieter van der Westuyzen Email Address

When you come to see Pieter for a consultation he will first ask you a set of questions to ascertain your history, lifestyle and symptoms. Thereafter he does a pulse and tongue diagnosis. Next he takes a careful look at the irises, pupil and sclera of each eye, via an iris-microscope, to ascertain specific constitutional and health issues, taking photos and then transferring these to a computer. Your enlarged iris pictures provide the ideal way for him to explain what is going on in your body, as also to give insights into your personality and your dominant mental-emotional issues. Based on this assessment, Pieter offers advice on diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines and supplements and where appropriate, perspectives on how to handle your mental-emotional challenges. His most important attributes are the abilities to truly listen and then dedicate the utmost time and care to each client.

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Young Actors Studio (Pty)Ltd "Reel Confidence for Real Life"
Film Acting Coach
Young Actors Studio (Pty)Ltd Young Actors Studio (Pty)Ltd

The Young Actors Studio cultivates confidence, elevates film and on-camera acting skills and provides a creative, motivating space for individuals (nine-years-old and beyond) to discover their inner magic. More than just providing workshops and courses that accelerate personal and professional development, we pride ourselves as being a stepping-stone in the success stories of our students. At TYAS, we aim to educate and uplift by ensuring our students have the knowledge and skillset to get on any stage, including the stage of life, and hold their own. Our key objective is helping learners to embrace their individuality, uniqueness, creativity. Conscientiously focusing on the development of a positive self esteem. Benita Doria and Siobhan Hodgson are the founders and core creative team. Key industry leaders are invited to attend sessions as guest speakers and acting coaches

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Susan Vermaak
Integrated Healing
Susan Vermaak Email Address

Integrated Healing is a holographic system that addresses every dimension of your being. Guided by the wisdom of the body, the simple protocols enable deep and lasting relief from a wide range of physical, emotional, spiritual, neurological and mental imbalances to support your well-being in this world. After 20 years of research, the founders Mathilda van Dyk and Nic Oliver combined the best of Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching, Quantum Science, Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other modalities, with their own unique methodologies. For Susan, Integrated Healing means a return to balance, wellness and vitality. She is also a conscious dance facilitator where she blends her love for dance with her passion for growth and transformation. Within the corporate world, her focus is on the intelligence of teams for effective decision-making and project roll-outs through creating an environment where people think well for themselves. Her Time to Think Facilitator training forms the basis of this work.

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Trish Blake
Trish Blake Email Address

I am a clinical psychologist with experience working in a range of contexts, both in South Africa and the UK. I work with all ages addressing a range of concerns that impact the mental health and well-being of individuals and relationships. These include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar affective disorder, adjustment disorders, and loss. People may also seek therapy with me if they are feeling overwhelmed, lost, held back in their lives or are struggling to transition in a time of change. I am client-centred in my approach and prioritize acceptance, respect of personal belief systems and confidentiality. I work with clients to develop a therapy experience that meets their unique needs, be that in a short-term or long-term capacity.

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Dr. Zo Horowitz
General Practitioner
Dr. Zo Horowitz Contact Number Dr. Zo Horowitz Email Address

I’m a general practitioner who is passionate about all that encompasses health. Whether it’s prevention of disease, optimisation of an individual’s physiology, or curing an illness. I use my skills as a yoga teacher to include adjunctive methods of healing through physical practices, lifestyle choices and meditation philosophy. From a young age, I was preoccupied with health and exploring how to take care of one’s self by focusing on diet and exercise. This passion, and my love for biological sciences, directed my focus towards medicine which I studied at the University of Cape Town. The demands of the medical internship that followed took a toll on me physically and mentally. A concerned friend suggested that I attend a yoga class. My experience during that first class was ground-breaking and changed the course of my life.

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Stephanie Diepering
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
and Relaxation Specialist
Stephanie Diepering Contact Number Stephanie Diepering Email Address

Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage Therapy- is a form of conscious bodywork that combines the practices of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, postural reintegration, energy- and breathwork. It is slow and deep activating the parasympathetic nervous system for profound relaxation and an energetic reset. Effective at treating chronic pain, lingering injuries, stress, exhaustion, anxiety or for those that just need to relax and receive. Guided Deep Relaxation Sessions- These sessions combine a variety of the embodiment practices such as yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and soul-based coaching offering a gentle, progressive and powerful space to reconnect, restore and rebalance. Along with Massage Therapy, Stephanie is registered BSc Occupational Therapist who uses her experience in Soul-Based Coaching, Positive Psychology, Reiki and Yoga to bring people back into balance and provides a safe and gentle space for people to reconnect to themselves.

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Leán Bakker
Voice Movement Therapy/ Conscious sexuality
Leán Bakker Contact Number Leán Bakker Email Address

VMT is an expressive arts therapy that recognise the voice, body and emotions as being deeply inter-connected. The work engages breath, voice, movement and massage to aid clients towards wholeness. My work is focused on nurturing a healthy connection to the sexual, life-force energy. I see it as authenticity, joy, light, creativity, connection, excitement... I work with clients to liven and embrace this sacred energy source, encouraging connection to all the feelings in the physical and emotional body. When we become present to the feelings of pleasure generated inside our bodies, it grows, gets amplified and can be spread throughout the entire being - resulting in more physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness. It starts opening us up to a better connection with ourselves, our partners and the whole of life, leading to a more orgasmic way of living.

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Jim Harrington
ReUnion Yoga & Meditation
Jim Harrington Contact Number Jim Harrington Email Address

My philosophy is that anyone who can breathe can do yoga. You don’t have to be super bendy or even very fit to start feeling the benefits of yoga practice. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing people discover those benefits. Jim Harrington is a lifelong yoga practitioner, yoga teacher trainer and yoga coach to professional people. He is the founder of ReUnion Yoga & Meditation Studio and YogaForSports, a writer and world traveller. He teaches yoga classes, yoga teacher training, workshops and retreats.

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